Warranty Policy Enforcement and Updates

20 Sep Warranty Policy Enforcement and Updates

Over at xpinpinball.com we just wanted to get some information out there. If you read our support and warranty policy here (http://xpinpinball.com/support/) you can see that the Xpin warranty is only honored if purchased directly from us or from an authorized reseller. Our authorized resellers can be found here (http://xpinpinball.com/resellers/). Unfortunately, we have found lots of people reselling Xpin products who are not authorized and it’s creating some headaches for customers and for us. Authorized resellers have guidelines and quality control measures they must adhere to when they sign up. There are others out there trying to sell Xpin products and we cannot control what they are doing to the products. Some have been known to strip parts off of them, sell them as-is, then not do anything about it when the customer complains. We try to help the end customer whenever we can but is hard for us to warranty a product when it’s out of our chain of control. Brett has always been good at helping people if possible, we just want people to be careful as to where they are buying our products so they don’t get into a situation where it’s not covered under our warranty. If you ever have a question about who is selling the product, check our reseller page. If they are not on there, it is likely not under warranty (currently xpinpinball.com is the only domestic location to purchase our warrantied products). We do have some cases of past resellers who are not currently resellers where that warranty would most likely be honored but it would be best to contact us first before making your purchase.

In other news, we will have free shipping in October, and some items will be on sale. We just leased a new, larger manufacturing facility and have been moving in the last couple of weeks so we expect the low inventory items to be back in stock in the near future. We hope you can understand our policy on our warranty and why we need to be strict on it and we appreciate all of your support of Xpin products. Visit XPin’s Facebook page and signup for our mailing list to be notified of the October sales and free shipping discount code. https://www.facebook.com/xpinpinball/

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